Birds & Animals
by Ruth S. Foster

Angry Birds!
My birds are eating at the feeder again today, as they do everyday. This year my regulars are 2 chickadees, some tufted titmice and a cardinal family. Sometimes I have a fox sparrow. more
Feed The Birds
Who eats what in this feathered kingdom has always been a confusing mystery to me until I found a bird feeding chart. more
Serious Landscaping To Invite Birds To Your Garden
To invite birds to your yard permanently and easily. The best way is to plant the yard edges with food bearing ornamental plants. Simply put, these are plants that bear berries, or cones, and there are many. Also protected nesting places will make them really settle in. more
Beware of Birdseed!
We all like to feed our little feathered friends, so we buy good things for them to eat, like sunflower seeds, and niger and peanut hearts and millet. more