by Ruth S. Foster

Garden Design for Small Spaces
Are you tired of the same old scene? Want to try some of the fancy new ideas in glitzy magazines? You don't have to have a chateau in France and 6 gardeners to have a special garden. more
Dirty Little Secret About Continuous Bloom of Perennials
The secret is they don't. There is this myth about perennials returning each year and producing a sequence of bloom that continues all season long. Well, it's just not so. more
You Can Design A Beautiful Vegetable Garden
A vegetable garden does not have to look like an old shoe. There's no reason to not combine flowers and good design with edibles. more
After paying your heating bills this winter, you may want to think about planting windbreaks - for landscaping that saves energy dollars. more
Sequence of Bloom
Planting for different seasons of bloom and color. Learn more about the sequence of bloom in your climate zone, and you can plan ahead to create a garden that blooms throughout the growing season. more
Labor Saving Gardening Tips
Ruth offers some simple strategies to make your garden care less labor intensive when good help is hard to find. more
Fall Colors
Although bright red maples and glowing orange sugar maples are what's referred to as "peak" color, the more subtle hues wax and wane throughout the season. And each tree and leaf is different. more
De-Icing Slippery Walks
When the Christmas goose is finally all eaten, icy paths are not far behind. It helps to know all the alternatives to prevent slipping, sliding, and accidents. more
Simplify the Garden Outdoors
A few time and labor saving tips to simplify your outdoor gardens. more
Salt Resistant Plants
Salt tolerance is different in each species, and even often among plants of the same species. more