Ecology & Conservation
by Ruth S. Foster

After September 11, 2001
What a difference this fall has made, so short a time yet it seems so long ago since we lost our innocence. more
How Gardens Grow
One of the joys of summer is making time to read technical journals and publications that pile up on the floor that have been saved for these less hectic, lazy days to get new understandings of how gardens grow. more
After paying your heating bills this winter, you may want to think about planting windbreaks - for landscaping that saves energy dollars. more
Salt Resistant Plants
Salt tolerance is different in each species, and even often among plants of the same species. more
The Inauguration Environmental Ball 2009 Green Footprints and House Plants
There were two environmental Inaugural Balls in Washington in January 2009.  One, was trying to have a good GREEN footprint, and so was decorated with local tree seedlings.  The other was festooned with roses flown in from Ecuador.