by Ruth S. Foster

Perennial Stock
Why are they called perennials?  Because they come back each year. And they bring memories of the folks who gave them to us. Somehow flowers cheer us.  The colors.  The fleeting beauty.  The passage of time.  And the memories.
Mothers' Day
A few decades ago I wrote a column that started with my daughter asking what she should plant in her first vegetable garden.  Since then, we have had a most enjoyable dialogue sharing garden ideas, design, what died, what to add.
Dirty Little Secret About Continuous Bloom of Perennials
IThe secret is they don't. There is this myth about perennials returning each year and producing a sequence of bloom that continues all season long. Well, it's just not so. more
Dividing Perennials in Late Summer
Late summer may seem a lazy time to just sit back and enjoy the garden, but be not fooled. In fact, it's the preferred time to divide and propagate perennials. more
Sequence of Bloom
Planting for different seasons of bloom and color. Learn more about the sequence of bloom in your climate zone, and you can plan ahead to create a garden that blooms throughout the growing season. more
Starting Seeds on the Windowsill
Before the spring snow has melted, I know from the angle of the sun that it's time to start some seeds indoors. People always started seeds on the windowsill. It wasn't difficult, the percentage of success wasn't bad and it was an enjoyable response to spring's siren call. more
Force Branches of Flowering Trees
Until small pale leaves appear on outdoor trees and flowers open, it doesn't really seem like spring. But you can make it come earlier to your house by bringing branches into the house for forcing. more
Gardening in Great Big Flowerpots
Fill large flowerpots with a glorious assortment of annuals for a colorful, easy to maintain container garden. more
Labor Saving Gardening Tips
Ruth offers some simple strategies to make your garden care less labor intensive when good help is hard to find. more
Flowing Bulbs
Their flowers are the harbingers of spring and one can never have enough of them. Some repeat each year. Some disappear. more
You Can Eat the Flowers
You can have it all and eat it too in the backyard garden. A garden that looks beautiful, supplies flowers for cutting and drying, as well as unusual tastes and textures to eat. more
Maintaining Common Flowers
A few helpful tips and tricks for maintaining the garden favorites: Petunias, Geraniums, Impatiens... more