by Ruth S. Foster

Bringing Outside Plants Indoors for the Winter
As the glorious palette of fall unfolds and fades in the northern parts of the country, can Jack Frost be far behind? And those beautiful tender summer flowers in pots which are still in their glory, can they be saved for another day? more
Houseplant Blights
When houseplants get sick and it's not insects, we may say they have blights. These are usually due to fungi or viruses. The symptoms may be brown spots, yellow soggy leaves, rot, decay or peculiar stunted growth. more
Gardening in Great Big Flowerpots
Fill large flowerpots with a glorious assortment of annuals for a colorful, easy to maintain container garden. more
Houseplant Bug Problems
Houseplants brought indoors from outside have bugs and blights. Indoors, where there are no natural predators,these pesky problems eventually recur often with population explosions that dismay us. more