Insects & Diseases
by Ruth S. Foster

Are the Bugs Bigging You?
I like to garden but I hate the bugs that bite. And it's a pain to have to smother myself in bug repellant just to pick a few raspberries or some flowers for the dinner table. For a few minutes outside. But those buggers are just waiting for me because I live on a swamp.

Tick Time Again
Lyme disease has become one of the serious infections that too many people catch.  And its range is enlarging.  First identified in Lyme, Connecticut a few decades ago, it is now endemic and spreading across the US and Canada.

Sping Bugs
The weird weather of 2012 has caused the bugs to come at unusual times and more or less than usual. A few quick tips one can do follow, but the bugs always seem to come back, laughing at us poor mortals.more
Houseplant Blights
When houseplants get sick and it's not insects, we may say they have blights. These are usually due to fungi or viruses. The symptoms may be brown spots, yellow soggy leaves, rot, decay or peculiar stunted growth. more
A Pesticide Primer
There are many ways to control  insects.  When pesticides are needed, one should always start with the safest thing and use it only on the target insect.  Don't blanket the world, your yard and yourself with chemicals that you don't need. more
The Biting Bugs of Summer Are Back
The biting bugs of summer are back again. Most are just huge nuisances, though some carry diseases. Understanding when and where each kind is likely to cause trouble can lower their bother but the only really effective thing to do is to use repellents. more
Japanese Beetle Grubs
Lawn insects are a problem, none more so than Japanese Beetles, which lay their eggs in midsummer. Their white grubs cause brown patches in August by eating grass roots. more
Houseplant Bug Problems
Houseplants brought indoors from outside have bugs and blights. Indoors, where there are no natural predators, these pesky problems eventually recur often with population explosions that dismay us. more
Beware of Birdseed!
We all like to feed our little feathered friends, so we buy good things for them to eat, like sunflower seeds, and niger and peanut hearts and millet. more