by Ruth S. Foster

In Pursuit of the Perfect Lawn
Lawns are really thousands of tiny plants, each crying for attention. A perfect lawn depends on constant care... regular mowing, fertilizer, water, monitoring, maybe chemicals and lots of tough love. more
Splendor in the Grass
Wake up your lawn with designs of tall grass. more
Japanese Beetle Grubs
Lawn insects are a problem, none more so than Japanese Beetles, which lay their eggs in midsummer. Their white grubs cause brown patches in August by eating grass roots. more
Mowing Lawns Efficiently
A fine art and some science. There have even been some studies about mowing efficiency. The fewer turns one makes and the longer the straight stretches are, the less time it takes. more
Choosing a Sprinkler System for Your Lawn
If you think you've had it with hauling hoses to cope with drought, maybe you think it's time to consider a sprinkler system, especially if your precious green lawn is often tan and spotty from lack of water. more
Sounds in the Garden
Fountains, babbling brooks and birds that sing are not the only sounds in the garden. More insidious ones come from the motors on the tools we use. more