by Ruth S. Foster

No April Showers
Everyone is talking about the weird weather.  Even the most conservative diehards finally understand the globe is warming.  This extra energy is causing the weather extremes, violent storms, and problems in 2012 that are no laughing matter. more
Dirty Little Secret About Continuous Bloom of Perennials
IThe secret is they don't. There is this myth about perennials returning each year and producing a sequence of bloom that continues all season long. Well, it's just not so. more
The Illusion of Neatness
In this world there are Neatnicks and Messynicks. more
Labor Saving Gardening Tips
Ruth offers some simple strategies to make your garden care less labor intensive when good help is hard to find. more
Why Plants Die
It's like trying to explain why babies cry. Many things may be wrong, but knowing which are causes and which are effects is complex. The current plant theory is that plant health starts with healthy roots. more
De-Icing Slippery Walks
When the Christmas goose is finally all eaten, icy paths are not far behind. It helps to know all the alternatives to prevent slipping, sliding, and accidents. more
Tips for New Trees, Shrubs, and Sod
A few helpful tips for planting and maintaining your landscape. more
Maintaining Common Flowers
A few helpful tips and tricks for maintaining the garden favorites: Petunias, Geraniums, Impatiens... more
Raking Leaves
Who hasn't dragged endless bags of them from one place to another, again and again? To reduce this nagging yard work, first decide which leaves have to go and which can be left where they fall. more
Choosing a Sprinkler System for Your Lawn
If you think you've had it with hauling hoses to cope with drought, maybe you think it's time to consider a sprinkler system, especially if your precious green lawn is often tan and spotty from lack of water. more
Beware of Invasive Vines!
If you have bare ground but don't want more lawn (and it's high maintenance), evergreen ground covers are very good but think carefully which variety is best for you. more
Simplify the Garden Outdoors
A few time and labor saving tips to simplify your outdoor gardens. more
Sounds in the Garden
Fountains, babbling brooks and birds that sing are not the only sounds in the garden. More insidious ones come from the motors on the tools we use. more