by Ruth S. Foster

Pruning Grafted Trees and Shrubs is Tricky
Many of our most best flowering and fruiting trees and shrubs are grafted. Plants specially bred for bigger flowers or delicious fruits are often very poor growers. more
Pruning Shrubs in Early Spring
Certain deciduous shrubs can be pruned in very early spring.  Usually we do this to make them look better, bloom better or to remove dead and broken branches.  The ones that can be pruned early are those which have flower buds on the new growth made this year. more
Force Branches of Flowering Trees
Until small pale leaves appear on outdoor trees and flowers open, it doesn't really seem like spring. But you can make it come earlier to your house by bringing branches into the house for forcing. more
Pruning Trees in Early Spring
Though there yet may be snow, in early spring shrubs and trees can sense the approaching weather change. Buds begin to swell as the days warm. Warm temperatures and longer days tell their hormones to initiate that burst of foliage we call spring. more
Fall Pruning
Fall is clean-up time for perennials, the time when leaves and stalks of herbaceous plants are removed from the garden. more