Scientific Information
by Ruth S. Foster

Mother Nature's Calendar
Indicator Plants and GDDs or When the oak leaves are the size of a mouse's ear, it's time to plant the corn. more
How Gardens Grow
One of the joys of summer is making time to read technical journals and publications that pile up on the floor that have been saved for these less hectic, lazy days to get new understandings of how gardens grow. more
Why Plants Die
It's like trying to explain why babies cry. Many things may be wrong, but knowing which are causes and which are effects is complex. The current plant theory is that plant health starts with healthy roots. more
Salt Resistant Plants
Salt tolerance is different in each species, and even often among plants of the same species. more
New in Tree Care
Good tree health begins with the roots and the soil they grow in. Contrary to what we used to believe, we now know that the vast majority of tree roots are in the top foot of soil. more
Water, Water Everywhere, Flooding and Why
Did you ever wonder why we have so many water problems? And flooding problems? It's more than just lots of rain. more