Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs
by Ruth S. Foster

‘Tis “Love Apple” Time
TOMATOES, in case you didn't know. This is the season they produce with abundance, and sweeten our meals with their red, ripe, juicy deliciousness. Their red color is provocative. Just like females.

Sugar Moon
The March moon is full again so we know that Spring is here. It's called the Sugaring Moon (time to tap maple trees). Indian tribes had many names, like Windy Moon and Crow Moon. Or my favorite, Worm Moon (when the earthworms begin to crawl around and so the robins reappear).

Tomato Blight
A Deadly Infection Spread by Contaminated Commercial Seedlings. more
All You Ever Wanted to Know About Tomatoes...
Once having picked a ripe tomato, still warm from the sun, and eaten it immediately, nothing tastes quite as good. Tomatoes are almost foolproof and easy to grow too. more
You Can Design A Beautiful Vegetable Garden
A vegetable garden does not have to look like an old shoe. There's no reason to not combine flowers and good design with edibles. more
Growing Peas
To plant or not to plant... the peas. When is the question. According to old Celtic folklore, it's when one can sit naked on the ground. Our Pilgrims, not given to bawdy rites of spring devised their own test. more
Starting Seeds on the Windowsill
Before the spring snow has melted, I know from the angle of the sun that it's time to start some seeds indoors. People always started seeds on the windowsill. It wasn't difficult, the percentage of success wasn't bad and it was an enjoyable response to spring's siren call. more
Mesclun: French Seedling Greens For Salads
Grow your own mesclun salad green indoors or out with these handy tips from Ruth Foster. more
You Can Eat the Flowers
You can have it all and eat it too in the backyard garden. A garden that looks beautiful, supplies flowers for cutting and drying, as well as unusual tastes and textures to eat. more
Vegetables for Beginners
If you want vegetables grown using clean water and few chemicals, grow your own. more